• End of year report

    2019 saw many changes and finishing touches to the Old Schoolhouse/Firehouse. On June 8, 2019 the Old Surry Village School hosted the 4th Annual Open House. Residents were given the opportunity to view the “rehabilitated 19th century schoolhouse”. Many have been watching the changes and to finally see the grand old \ building restored and furnished with its’ original 20th century desks was a sight to behold….  READ MORE



In April 2016 Surry, Maine voters granted permission to the Old Surry Village School Preservation Group to rehabilitate the town owned Old Village School.  At no cost of the town, our goal is to preserve the building and have it once more available for use by the residents of Surry.

The schoolhouse, built in 1872, educated Surry students for 80 years and was then re-purposed as the Surry Firehouse for 30 years.  In early 2018 demolition was under consideration.  The building is in remarkable condition for its age and has played an integral part in Surry’s history.  We are being advised by the Maine Historic Preservation Commission to identify and correct the alterations to the building so that it conforms to its nineteenth century appearance.  The rehab project does include “Life Safety Code and ADA Compatibility” standards necessary for a public building.

The goal of the project is to purchase the property adjacent to the Old School which will be transformed into a park/playground completing the historic landmark to be enjoyed by Surry residents for generations to come.  The project is being funded by private donations and available grants for community and historic preservation projects.

The Old Surry Village Schoolhouse Preservation Group is a non profit 501-c(3).